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Organising your home before you move

Little things can be employed to make organising your home prior to a move so much simpler.

If you have a few minutes to spare at any time of the day, gather a few bits and pieces that you plan to give away to a deserving relative or to a charity shop. Start putting things into piles. These chunks of time are doable and certainly reduce stress in the long run.

Make sure that anything that is out of place is where it should be. Try and keep this going right up until the moment that you have to pack up your home, prior to the man and van or removal company arriving. This will make packing much easier.

Ensure that you are ready for the following day the night before. Organise what you can as you never know what may happen and put a spoke in the wheels of your plans. The key to a stress free move is organising your home beforehand. This includes contingency plans and making certain that what can be in place, has been put in place.

When you think of something that needs to be done, leave a note for yourself. Carry a pen and some post-its around with you at all times. If you remember mid-nappy changing that something should go to the cleaners before it can be packed, jot it down. This makes it much easier to plan because you will know exactly what it is that you need to do before the move.

Make certain that things in your home are categorised and kept as much together as possible, prior to packing. Keep all baking equipment together, makes sure that DVDs are kept near the DVD player. All of this will make packing and organising easier when it comes to it.

Moving home is about organisation. This includes organising your home for packing prior to the removal company showing up and organising things like address changes and new schools etc. Planning ahead will make the process a whole lot easier and will ensure a stress free move. Organising things beforehand can also help you save money. You will know when to call in a cleaning service (if needed) and, by booking in advance you will probably save money. This goes for everything related to your move. A little foresight makes penny pinching far easier.

Superstitious about moving home?

Many superstitions abound around moving home. They vary from culture to culture and given the diverse nature of the current population in England, the ‘black cat’ stories are likely to vary.

A common superstition involves sprinkling salt in every room – this is meant to invite good luck and keep away the bad. This is largely dependent on whether one is partial to spending the first week in a new home vacuuming carpets though. Apparently, scattering coins in the living room is bound to ensure that prosperity will abound and will probably prove less labour intensive than the salt option.

How to choose your new neighbourhood?

A removal company can take you to your new home but it cannot make certain that you will be happy in your new neighbourhood. There are a number of things that you can do to ensure that you move to an area that contributes to lasting happiness. It is possible to make changes to a house but a neighbourhood is a different matter altogether.