A removal company can take you to your new home but it cannot make certain that you will be happy in your new neighbourhood. There are a number of things that you can do to ensure that you move to an area that contributes to lasting happiness. It is possible to make changes to a house but a neighbourhood is a different matter altogether.
Before you take the leap and book a removal company, it is of paramount importance that you conduct a thorough investigation of the area that you wish to move to. You need to establish what the neighbourhood is like, is it a place that you will feel comfortable in? What are the demographics of the area?

It’s important to consider amenities as well – are there leisure facilities available for children? Are there parks nearby that the family dog can be taken for exercise? The locality of shops and public transport are also important considerations. No one wants to live in an area where the nearest corner shop is twenty miles away and the nearest rail or tube link is a commute in itself.

Considering the local schools is extremely important, particularly if you have children or are planning on popping out a few in the near future. Word of mouth reputation is often the key indicator here as league tables are often inaccurate descriptors of a school’s contribution to a child’s well being.

Crime reports are something to consider as well, prior to booking a removal company. Information on crime rates in the area can be obtained from crime statistics online.

Considerations such as distance from workplace, council tax band and whether or not there is enough parking space should also be considered before embarking on a life-changing move. Considering the state of repair, or disrepair, of surrounding houses is something that must be taken into account. A street full of dilapidated houses will bring the value of your property down.

Touring your proposed area at different times of the day is usually a good indicator. What you see at night may be vastly different from what the area is like during the day. Considering the type of local shops in the area often indicates the gentrification of an area. Key signs to look out for are the prevalence of trendy shops and cafes. These usually indicate that an area is improving and one in which house prices are likely to go up.