Many superstitions abound around moving home. They vary from culture to culture and given the diverse nature of the current population in England, the ‘black cat’ stories are likely to vary.

A common superstition involves sprinkling salt in every room – this is meant to invite good luck and keep away the bad. This is largely dependent on whether one is partial to spending the first week in a new home vacuuming carpets though. Apparently, scattering coins in the living room is bound to ensure that prosperity will abound and will probably prove less labour intensive than the salt option.

Picking a moving date is also shrouded in all sorts of superstition. Choosing a date when the moon is waxing is supposed to be fortuitous and it is suggested that Wednesday or Saturday are the best days to move. Wednesday seems like the better option as it will most probably come with the perk of a day off work. Moving when it is raining is supposed to invite unwanted karma although in England this is impossibly difficult. Either way, when choosing a removals company, opt for a date that falls in the drier season, if at all possible.

When inviting friends and family over for a housewarming the sprinkled salt could come in handy as its purpose is dual – it invites good luck and also encourages any unwanted guests to depart sooner rather than later. If one is presented with a gift of knives as a housewarming present it should only be accepted with a coin offered in exchange (a penny will do) – or the relationship will be severed.

On first entering a new home it is believed by some to exit by the same door one first entered to ensure a settled abode. It is also wise to enter a new home with a loaf of bread and a new broom. Old brooms carry old feelings, negative emotions (not to mention dirt) and should never cross the threshold. To avoid waking the tree gods, and an angry neighbor or two, it is advised to not hammer a nail after dark.

House moves come with all sorts of challenges and being aware of some common superstitions can add some fun to the process. Children may be kept suitably occupied by giving them a bag of salt and a couple of coins. And whatever you do, don’t move on Friday the 13th.