There are many household items that a removal company may not move, especially if they are not properly secured. Even if you decide to not use the services of a man with a van and complete a move yourself, there are some things that need to be taken into consideration when packing items that need special handling and care.

It may not be something that you would ordinarily think about but there are some dangerous items that need to be packed and moved particularly carefully, to avoid potentially hazardous situations. These include items like fertilizer, batteries and even nail polish remover. The easiest way to consider which items may require special care is to consider what one may not be allowed to take with them on an airplane. Other items that require special care include loaded weapons (duh!), cleaning fluid, bleach, a child’s chemistry set and motor oil.

These items need to be packed carefully and should not just be loaded into boxes along with the kitchen cookware. It is vital to let the removal company know if they are moving high-risk items. Likewise, if you are moving yourself, some common sense should be used and items like last year’s leftover fireworks and boxes of matches should probably not be packed in to the same box – unless of course you want to move to your new area with a bang.

Other items that require consideration are perishable goods. These, believe it or not, include animals. Packing the family guinea pig into a box is unwise and cruel. If you require the removal company to move animals or other perishable items such as household plants, an agreement needs to be reached before the big day.

Anything that is heat sensitive should also be packed carefully and careful planning should be employed to prevent damage to these items. These include things like computers, CDs and television sets. A removal company should be able to provide you with the proper equipment to pack these items sensibly.

Items that have value, whether monetary or sentimental, should be packed with special care. It may be wise to consider keeping your child’s favourite toy with you rather than risking it becoming lost in a box that won’t be unpacked for some time.

Likewise, items such as valuable documents, including things like passports, should be packed in such a way that there is absolutely no chance that they could disappear in the move.

A little forward planning is all it takes.